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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Monday, March 11, 2013

Final Post to PropWash News Centre

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
I wish to advise all followers and other interested parties that this will be the final post to PropWash News Centre for the foreseeable future.

All existing entries will be left available but new items of interest to our 400, 411 and 2ARW family will now be posted to the ANNOUNCEMENT section of our web site The History Hangar.

Much thanks for your interest and support.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monument Dedication Write Up in 8 Wing Newsletter

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
The June 8th issue of  "Contact", the 8wing newsletter features a full page write up on 400 Squadron's Monument Dedication Ceremony on page 2.  This includes a number of colour photographs.

To read the article in a separate tab, click HERE

I mentioned in our previous article (below) that it would be approximately two weeks before the major post to The History Hangar web site, with full details with slide show and video, is ready.  Because of other urgent items being actioned during my Toronto visit, I wish to revise this to early July.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monument Dedication A Big Success

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
Well friends, the sun graced us with its presence, the rain stayed away, the motorcycles finished riding by just prior to the start of our Ceremony, the Pipe Band, was its usual excellent self, and the members of the current 400 Squadron guard and colour party were as good as we were 'in the old days'.  And CWO John Quilty created a ceremony that ran like clockwork and bought a few tears and much pride to this 'old timer'.

We had just under 100 attendees which included many faces from the retired ranks of the squadron, including Lloyd Smith and his two sons (our oldest living squadron member) and Tom Wheeler and his son the oldest living member of 411 Squadron.  The largest contingent of guest were made of relatives and family members of those on our Honour Roll and those of many of our deceased Commanding Officers.  A huge thanks must go to Carl Mills for the many, many hours he spent locating these relatives.

The Reception at 413 Wing RCAFA was very well attended and, judging from the many positive comments received, was enjoyed by all.  It was great to see the large contingent of current squadron members who joined us at the reception and enjoy the much deserved 'steak in a glass' and, just as we once did, gently jibe one another for the 'screw ups' made during the parade that only they were aware of.  I joined them for a short while to thank them for their efforts.  Cripes, were we ever that young!.  I can report to all that our heritage is definitely in good hands and they, to a man, were every bit as professional and well turned out as us older fellas were at our best.

We have a large number of photographs of the event and a full video of the ceremony.  It will take us some time (a couple of weeks at least) to clean these up and get them ready for a major posting on The History Hangar.  We'll try and get this done as soon as possible and let you know when its ready  through another post here on the PropWash News Centre.

In the meantime here is a small sample of the photos we have.  These were taken by Barry Stewart's wife Janice.  Barry Stewart, in addition to being the Master of Ceremonies, was asked by Gerry Gilroy (President of the 400 Squadron Historical Society) to create and arrange the Monument Dedication Ceremony.  The result speaks to the excellent job done by Barry.

Enjoy Janice's photos below, and stay tuned for further updates.












The grandson, Walt Hoerning of wartime commander Squadron Leader WD Van Vliet receives a replica of the 110 Pennant that they donated in mint condition back to the 400 Sqn Historical Society.

 Daughter,  Ilene VanVliet Hoerning    and Grandson, Walt Hoerning of WD Van Vliet with replica pennant.
....And many many more photos to come along with full ceremony video.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monument Dedication Ceremony UPDATE

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
I mailed all registered entrants a form to complete so we may finalize our planning for this major event in our Squadron's history on Saturday June 2, 2012
The mailing included the following Important Update:
             We just found out last week about a large motorcycle ride, the Highway of Heroes Ride, which starts at 1100 at CFB Trenton and will follow the Highway of Heros route right by the Air Park to the 401 and on to Toronto.  
             We expect a fair amount of noise and some traffic congestion until the end of the motorcycle ride.  A organizer of the ride suggests the motorcycle stream may last 2  hours..

             The ride will be dispatched by the OPP, 25 riders every minute which should allow other traffic to use RCAF Road, but prudent guests and participants at the Museum will allow themselves extra time to arrive at the Museum.  An early arrival will permit easier registration and a more leisurely visit to the museum displays before our event starts.
             Our Registration table will be staffed from 10:30 to 12:30
             Our Ceremony will commence at 13:00 hours
             Our Reception and buffet at 413 Wing will commence at 14:00 hours  

REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN so if you wish to register for this event, you may do so by clicking HERE.  A confirmation mailing will be sent upon receipt of  your registration.
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