Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monument Dedication Ceremony UPDATE

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
I mailed all registered entrants a form to complete so we may finalize our planning for this major event in our Squadron's history on Saturday June 2, 2012
The mailing included the following Important Update:
             We just found out last week about a large motorcycle ride, the Highway of Heroes Ride, which starts at 1100 at CFB Trenton and will follow the Highway of Heros route right by the Air Park to the 401 and on to Toronto.  
             We expect a fair amount of noise and some traffic congestion until the end of the motorcycle ride.  A organizer of the ride suggests the motorcycle stream may last 2  hours..

             The ride will be dispatched by the OPP, 25 riders every minute which should allow other traffic to use RCAF Road, but prudent guests and participants at the Museum will allow themselves extra time to arrive at the Museum.  An early arrival will permit easier registration and a more leisurely visit to the museum displays before our event starts.
             Our Registration table will be staffed from 10:30 to 12:30
             Our Ceremony will commence at 13:00 hours
             Our Reception and buffet at 413 Wing will commence at 14:00 hours  

REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN so if you wish to register for this event, you may do so by clicking HERE.  A confirmation mailing will be sent upon receipt of  your registration.
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