Monday, April 11, 2011

The Father of "Downsview In Cyber Space"

Post Supplied by: Bill Bishop
All members of 400 Sqn., 411 Sqn., and 2ARW owe a deep debt of gratitude to Fred Kuzyk for creating and managing the original "Unofficial Site" for members.  He did this when the technology for creating this type of site was in its infancy [2001 to 2009].  Over the years, Fred devoted many, many hours to keeping us connected.

When Gerry Stewart reconnected with me late last year he wondered what had happened to Freddy K's Unoffical 400 site as there had been virtually no activity on the site for quite some time.  As I had lost my photo albums during one of my many moves over the years I asked Gerry to scan and send any photos he had of our squadron days.  This led me to create our current presence in cyber space.

It also led me to get in touch with Fred Kuzyk to let him know what I was planning and to solicit his support for our endeavors.  The assistance Fred has provided has been more than generous.  He has sent me a disk containing all his e-mail addresses, the photos from his now defunct web site, and many of the postings from that site.  Much of this information will be incorporated into our photo site and here on the Propwash Blog.

Fred was kind enough to create and post on his new site "Freddy K's Blog-Off" a message for all previous members of his  site (and new arrivals to this site).  Links to Part 1 and Part 2 of his "Message to the Troops" are shown below.  Both are about 12 mins in length but I believe that anyone interested in the 2ARW family would find both videos entertaining and informative.
Part 1

Part 2

View the OnGuard Series
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