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Post Supplied by:  Garry (The Prof) Alexander

THEN ....

DOB: 23rd February 1940

Dates of service: 400 Squadron Aero Engine Tech
17th April 1953 TO 20th February 1963
14th November 1963 TO 28th February 1965

Married 11th November 1966
Wife: Susan (Sue) nee Paterson

Two Daughters

Tara Magnuson (Steve) (Dublin, CA,USA)
Granddaughter: Isabel, Grandson: Alexander

Amanda Mclean (Troy) (Pitt Meadows,BC)
Granddaughters: Makena & Kali

WHAT HAPPENED TWEEN THEN AND NOWI was transferred out west to Edmonton, Albert 7th February 1966, by Weil-McLain a boiler manufacturer and worked as an area manager for them until 1978.
I joined an agency selling heating equipment for a short while, but left them to be heating manager for Crane Supply, a plumbing and heating wholesaler in Edmonton.
After 13 years I worked for another agency for a couple of years and eventually left them to start my own agency which I ran for 4 years.
I then joined Western Supplies, a wholesaler in Edmonton after they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
After 3 years (to the day) I was re-engineered and decided to retire.
Presently I work part time for Weathermakers Ltd., a local HVAC contractor selling system corrections and upgrades to existing hydronic (hot water) heating systems.
I’m a past president of the Northern Albert chapter of the American Society of heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers (1990-91).
I’m a life member of the Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council, an organization that was started to address the problems in installations of hydronic heating systems, and am a full member of the Kingsway Legion here in Edmonton.
My present job allows me to visit my grandkids at a moment’s notice, which my wife and I do often. It’s nice to go to Dublin, just outside of San Francisco, California and Pitt Meadows, British Columbia where the kids are living. We also visit our families in Ontario once a year.

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