Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joyful Breaking News

Post Supplied by: Bill Bishop 
What an amazing, and joyful, discovery I have made.  
Freddy K's unofficial 400 Squadron site is Alive
I have just email Fred Kuzyk to let him now that I have found his original site alive and well in cyber space.  A truly dedicated, and very skillful, computer enthusiast in The Netherlands managed to copy almost ALL the files from the GeoCities website owned by Yahoo before they shut it down completely in late 2009.  He then created a new site called ReoCities and has restored (to date) some 2,370,970 old GeoCities accounts.

Freddy K's Unofficial Air Reserve Squadron Web Pages is alive and well with most of the original content restored in tact.  For those of you who desire (for curiosity or nostalgia) wish to view the offerings from "The Father of 400 Squadron In Cyberspace", check it out by clicking here.

I'm sure that Fred will have much to say about this on his blog and, after I have a chance to chat with him, may make a further post on this subject here at PropWash.
Rejoice !
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