Monday, January 23, 2012

Update on Our Web Presences

Post Supplied by: Bill Bishop 
It has been some time since we have posted to our PropWash News Blog.  However, we have been very busy behind the scenes preparing and updating our presence on the world wide web.  Here's an overview of what's available now.

This is where we will let you know of breaking news relating to upcoming events, items of interest, and updates made to our web sites.
Posts relating to upcoming events will be labeled "event".
Posts relating to items of interest will be labeled either "sick bay" (relating to members who are ill),  "final flight" (relating to members who have passed), or "general interest".
Posts indicating new information  to our website or changes to our blog, will be labeled "update" and one of the following "PropWash"; History Hangar"; "Photos"; "YouTube"

Many members find it easiest to subscribe to updates of new articles  (either via email or through our news feed). This will send notices when new articles are published and can be subscribed to, free of charge, by clicking on the appropriate area at the bottom right side of this page.

The History Hangar web site is our home for permanent information relating to a number of subjects about the history of our squadron(s) and has been very well received by those who have taken the time to review it.

You are encouraged to visit and provide any feedback you desire.  We encourage you to provide feedback and/or to submit articles and ideas for inclusion on this PERMANENT digital record of our squadron History.

Our Photo Albums site is where we store digitized photos of squadron life.  The current Albums are, we believe, self explanatory and are as follows:

The Early Years 1932-1945
Downsview 1945-1970
Downsview 1971-1996
Squadron Life Borden 1996 to Present
Summer Camps
Special Events
Special Operations
Odds & Sods
Squadron Notables

Scrapbook Photos (These are photos used elsewhere on the web)
Profile Pictures (These are photos used in the 400 Squadron Profile (see below)

Our digital photo records will only be complete as members make them.  PLEASE send along any photos you would like to see included in this permanent record of our Squadron Photo History.  Send an email to us is you need help with submissions at :

Our YouTube site contains a collection of videos collected or created by 400 Squadron.  Again, should you have a video you would like to see posted here please let us know.

Our Profile site is used to highlight our presences on the web for people using a search engine.  It provides a quick overview of our Squadron and links to our other presences on the web

To help us keep PropWash relevant, below please rank your interest in this article.