Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sections Added to The History Hangar

Posted supplied by: Bill Bishop
New sections and/or sub-sections have been added to The History Hangar along with a new feature.
Some of the new sections and sub-sections contain articles relating to what we are calling "Living History".  These articles describe history in the making and will chronicle details as they happen, leading up to what will become a permanent part of our history.  eg.  The new sub-section in our History Section entitled 'Operation Russell' will detail in real time the efforts started by Carl Mills to recover the Vampire which crashed in Lake Ontario in 1953 killing F/O Russell (our last active duty death).
Living History pages will be denoted by this new, animated logo:
80th Anniversary : This new section will contain information on all planned activities under consideration for our 80th anniversary celebrations.  This whole section and its sub-sections are designated a 'Living History' section.  It follows items planned, actions taken, and final results.  Once completed each of these activities will form part of our permanent history and the 'Living History' designation will be removed.

411 Section : John Tapper has been crowned 'The Grizzly Keeper' and has volunteered (been coerced) into working to get photos and articles for their (411 Squadron's) section of the History Hangar.  John has supplied photos from their last Christmas dinner which have been made into a slide show and will be posted in their section either today or tomorrow.

You are encouraged to visit the History Hangar and let us know what you think of these changes.  Click the link from the right side panel.
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