Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chuck Fisher Hospitalized

Posted supplied by: Carl Mills

Chuck is in the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital room # 2432 Tel: 905 845 2571 ext. 2432. He is not very vocal. His caregiver is 'Eileen' at the same daytime tel.number. Thought you'd like to know

Carl Mills advised:  "This afternoon (Sat March 10.), I voyaged to the land of Oakville and visited with Chuck Fisher.  I stayed about 20 minutes and then he went into a nap.

He has a rotating and constant care givers at his bed side and he appeared neat and tidy – looks well looked after and comfortable.  The young lady told me that his alertness had improved over the last few days.

We were able to keep up a slow but moving dialogue, however, he is very soft spoken and you have to listen very carefully. A touch of cheerfulness got through from him and just a hint of a smile on a few occasions

He is bed ridden and on a soft-food diet. He is in a semi-private room but does not have the window.

I'm sure he mentioned that his wife is deceased and he has two sons – Tim in St. Catherines and Mark in Yellowknife.

We recalled our 400 Rendezvous at CWH last year and we both reminisced about the burger and beer that neither of us can attempt at this time.  I took Chuck one of the 400 posters and the young lady taped it up on the wall.
It was a good chit chat and he sends his best wishes to everyone."

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